A sign on a wet road gave us the inspiration for the name

The original formation of XING, from left to right: Markus Grützner (Bass), Claudio Retzer (Drums), Umberto Carretti (Guitar), Mark Tobler (Vocals)

XING in 1988
First Demo Recording in 1988
"Head over heels"

Quickly the XING had a music program which was presented for the first time in the "Haus der Jugendarbeit" in Munich.

Umberto Carretti
Mark Tobler
Markus Grützner
Claudio Retzer


Second Demo Recording "Fever in the Summernight"
Concert in the "Ballroom"

After several concerts (Feierwerk, Ballroom, ...) it was clear that the music should not include only hard riffs, but it also required the sound of a keyboard.

The keyboard parts were initially played by the bassist Markus, but this required to have a sub-bassist for some songs. The decision was then easy: a keyboard player was needed.


In the 1990 Markus and Umberto were playing also in the band Shulk. The two bands played together in some concerts.

The formation of the band has seen several changes during the 1990.



Third Demo Recording "See You"
XING in 1990

Formation from 1990, from left to right: Matthias Winning (Vocals), Markus Gr├╝tzner (Bass), Umberto Carretti (Guitar), Frederic "Stick" Empl (Drums), Thomas Streck ( Keyboard)

The new formation prepared quickly a new program, which sounded more fresh and modern and more aggressive as well